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Braintree Town YFC, Basic Rain Jacket

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Braintree Town YFC, Basic Rain Jacket

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A jacket is a versatile garment: You may use it for your most intense training sessions that even the rain cannot interrupt. Or you may use it in your free time to protect yourself from the rain. Provided with all the comforts so that you may practice or otherwise spend time outdoors even when it rains heavily: it has a practical zipper closure on the front, elasticated sleeve cuffs to prevent water infiltrations, the waistband has draw strings to adjust the jacket to your size and an extremely useful hood hidden inside a pocket on the back of the collar, with Velcro closure. Jacket is shaped both at the front and at the back, so that it perfectly fits to both ladies' and men's body. Finally, to assure the best performance, its sleeves are breathable and allow sweat to be wicked away.