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Braintree Town YFC Training Top 2019

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Braintree Town YFC Training Top

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The Mansel training jacket by Erreà has the same features as the Franklin one: lightweight and windproof, it is made in a very soft and breathable fabric, which is also extremely gentle on your skin. This garment too features a turtle neck and zipper closure to guarantee comfort and protection at all times. This training sweatshirt will perfectly match your own style, whether you like to wear comfortable, snug or semi-snug fit clothes. Its draw string at the waistband allows you to adjust the jacket as desired. Versus the Franklin model, we have used a slightly lighter fabric for this jacket and the colour-customisable inlaids have been removed to give this product a more traditional, elegant and minimal design.



  • Windproof
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable